LPG Gas Engineer Sussex

LPG Gas Engineer Sussex

LPG Gas Safe Engineer.

LPG is an alternative gas that can be used to fuel gas appliances when there is no way of getting supplied gas to the appliance. Our LPG gas safe engineer can help. Able to operate an emergency call out rapidly to assist you with your boiler, supply and diagnose issues and fix them

Lpg is liquid petroleum gas and is typically supplied via an Lpg supply bulk tank that can be sited in the grounds of a property or in bottles provided from various suppliers, Lpg is also widely used on catering vehicles and Boats and Yachts, you will notice on some boats that the gas used is butane in a blue bottle as opposed to the orange LPG bottle, we strongly recommended you use what the manufacturers require but can convert your system to run on either gas at your request as long as the manufacturer states its safe to do so…

We are able to offer you support in installation of Lpg bulk tanks should you wish to start using Lpg and can even dig out the trench required for your gas line with our in house groundworks team making the complete installation and conversion quick, clean and simple.

Emergency LPG Gas Safe Engineer

Lpg is supplied and then always governed by a safety regulator that controls the pressure being supplied to the gas appliances usually set between 37-42mb, occasionally the regulators can fail and at this point, we always recommend to replace, On gas bottles they are connected to the regulator via rubber hoses called pigtails these have a life span of five years and its always recommended for safety to ensure these are changed prior to the end date, The date can be found on the rubber pigtail in white writing, when checking its worth also looking at the condition of the hose ensuring no cracking or obvious signs of distress if you notice any of these then please turn off the gas and call to book an appointment to get these replaced ASAP.

Lpg Bottles come in all different sizes to suit your installation, Typically on sited caravans and static homes the bottles are supplied in a 47kg bottle but they can be smaller if required, the same applies to butane gas which can be found in a number of sizes dependant on the space available to site the bottles, if you have any questions regarding the size required for your appliances then please feel free to ask.

Our LPG gas safe engineers are certified and qualified to solve your problem fast even during this COVID19 situation. Our emergency engineers are operating locally around the SouthEast of the UK including Henfield, Horsham, Pulborough, Crawley, Horley, Colgate, East Grinstead, Storrington, Brighton Shermanbury, Rehill, Woking, Ascot, Chichester and Rusper to name but a few areas.

If you have any further questions on liquid petroleum gas then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us…