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A lot of people have gas in boats to fuel their boilers, hot water heaters and the gas cookers, a lot of the time the bottles are the blue bottles (butane gas ) that run at a slightly lower gas flow of around 28mb, however now with a lot of people living on houseboats in designed Mariners to accommodate this lifestyle we are seeing a lot more LPG (propane gas) being supplied and installed to run peoples combination boilers & cookers within large houseboats. The installation still comes under the boat certification and qualification and therefore requires a safety check once a year to check the appliances and lines installed.
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LPG Sytems on Boats

Boat boiler repair
Boats can be very dangerous with gas if it’s not installed correctly and checked annually by a gas safe engineer because if you get a gas leak on a boat unlike a building or a caravan the gas has nowhere else to go except in the hull of the boat and that’s why you hear about gas explosions on vessels and boats, so please ensure for your own safety that these essential LPG gas safety boat inspections are carried out annually for your safety and insurance purposes.
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Did you know that over half of the boat clients we have carried out works for had issues that they, as the customer hadn’t noticed, with gas on boats the only way, is the Right way? It’s worth reading LPG boat Safety.

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Our Gas Safe Registered engineers will come to your vessel and effect repairs, installations or you may require your annual Gas Safety certificate check. Our staff regularly attend Chichester Marina, Pulborough, Kingston upon the Thames, Chertsey, Medway, Brighton Marina, Littlehampton, Sovereign Harbour, Shoreham, Newhaven and around the South East. Call our duty Engineer for help – 07492 383 968.